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Permanent Makeup

Lip Blushing-Full Lip  

$500 2-3h *Now until May 1st Free Touch Up within 2 months

*Touch Up Lip Blushing-Full Lip 2-6 months

$ 200 1.5-2h 

Touch Up Lip Blushing-Full Lip  6-12 months

$ 300 1.5-2h 

Lip Blushing Lip Liner (fade into inner lips)

$300 1.5h-2h 

Touch Up Lip Blushing Lip Liner 2-12 months

$ 150 1.5-2h 

Touch Up Lip Blushing Lip Liner 13-24 months

(fade into inner lips)

$200 1.5h-2h 

Microblading Full Brows

$400 2h-2.5h

Touch Up Microblading Full Brows

2-6 months   7-10 months

$200 1.5-2h       $300

Full Brows Correction/On previous tattoo

$500 +2h-3h

Touch Up Microblading Full Brows Correction/On previous tattoo

13-24 months 


Lash Extensions

Classic Set   

$125 1-1.5h Individual lashes are added to each lash extension for a natural but eye opening effect.

NAYÉ Custom Tailored SeHandmade custom fans 

$ 200 1.5-2h The thinnest lashes are applied to match each individual and fans are made according to the amount of density desired and eye look.

One Week Refill 1-2 max


10 days Refill 


Two Week Refill 11 days-2 weeks max


Three Week Refill 

$150+ Must have 25% lashes remaining 

Lash Lift & Tint

$100 45min-1h

Brow Lamination & Tint (Brow wax included)

Get ready to raise some brows 

$100 45min-1h

Lash Removal

Ours $30 30-45min

From others $40 45min-1h

Lash Patch test

4 Lashes are added to each eye 

$20 Regular glue

$25 Xtreem Hypoallergenic Glue

Brow & Lash Tint 

$40 30-40min

Brow / Lash Tint 

$25 20-30min




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We offer the only the worlds first 

Hypoallergenic Adhesive that delivers optimal bonding results & seamless attachment, and flexible hold while 

remaining safe on sensitive eyes. 

This innovative formula offers a synergy of benefits without compromising performance, comfort, or lash longevity. 


Other Services 

Brow Wax Clean Up- $25 You have a shape you like 

already... just need clean up (includes inner, upper and sides as desired)

Brow Shaping 30min-40min $40Lets enhance your  brows and see how they can make a great difference on bringing forth your eyes and overall face apperance!

Lip wax- 20min $20 

Lash Lip & brow wax- 45min $35

Lash Lift & Tint- 45min $80 

Tint only $30 Lift only $50

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